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  • Inclusion Excellence Award

    2019 Inclusion Excellence Award

    "Be the Difference"

    Submission Due Date: ________________ (To be determined at the sector Be-a-Star program level by sector representatives in conjunction with Sector DIAC)


    Forward to:  Insert submission contact email HERE


    WATCH VIDEO HERE: (best viewed in Google Chrome)


    Inclusion in the Workplace

    Diversity is the traits and characteristics that make us all unique. Inclusion is where you feel like you belong because the unique aspects of ALL individuals are valued, appreciated and leveraged. One of the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace is that it has the ability to yield innovative ideas. Diverse sets of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds are crucial to the development of new ideas.  Inclusion fosters an environment where these unique ideas are embraced.

          Great ideas aren't always grand.  They can be very simple but innovative ways to promote inclusion.

    Submission Criteria:  

    How are you leveraging the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace to be the difference and to yield innovative ideas that produce great business results? Collaborate as a team to come up with ONE great idea that will help improve one of the following areas of the People MAP:

    Attract – develop and implement a program or practice that helps source great people.

    Retain— develop and implement a program or practice that helps build a safe and healthy environment where associates can thrive. 

    Develop – develop and implement a program or practice that allows talent to grow.

    Engage- develop and implement a program or practice that creates associate recognition.

    Your video award submission should highlight your one innovative idea by providing the following: 

    1. A clear explanation of your ONE great idea that focuses on one if the above areas of the People MAP.  

    2. Who was involved in coming up with the idea (where applicable, be sure to engage multiple levels of the team (i.e. Frontline and Management) 

    3. The result/impact of your ONE great idea. 

        Great idea videos should not exceed 5 minutes. However, videos may be less than 5 minutes.

    Breakdown of Judging Criteria

    Create a video (Maximum 5 minutes) that addresses the following:

    Criteria (10 points):

    1. Video is no more than 5 minutes in length
    2. The video clearly demonstrates that you identified ONE inclusive idea that focuses on one of the following areas of the People MAP: Attract, Retain, Develop or Engage

    Participation (10 points):

    1. Explanation of who was involved in coming up with the idea? Do you clearly engage multiple levels of the team?
    2. What percentage of the account or unit's associates participated in the program/process?

             Great ideas should be both sustainable and transferable.


    Result (10 points):

    1.     What was the result of your inclusion best practice?

    2.      How did it affect change? What was the impact?

    3.      Is your idea sustainable and transferable?


    NOTE: Submissions should be individual unit or department submissions.  

    Star Resources: