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  • Welcome

    Welcome to the 2020 Be-A-Star Program:  All in.

    What happens when we’re ALL IN?

    We are INspired -
    To grow personally and professionally.

    We are INnovative -
    Finding new and world-changing ways to solve problems.

    We are INclusive –
    Celebrating and rewarding what makes each of us unique.

    And we are INcredible –
    A powerhouse of a company. United in our goal to succeed, while making the world a better place.

    When asked, “Are you ALL IN?” we have one answer:
    Absolutely, no question.

    This year’s Be-A-Star theme is a recognition of our proud history and a rallying cry for a future without limits.

    It’s our moment, and the world is taking notice.
    We’re not only ready for what’s next –
    We’re defining what’s possible.

    Yes, we’re a launching pad of opportunity.
    Yes, we’re on fire with our mission.
    Yes, we’re leading the way.
    Yes, because …

    We’re ALL IN.

    The Be-A-Star Program gives you goals that help you and your team be successful, while offering you the opportunity to be recognized for being the best. Star Achievements are tasks aligned with your sector’s Management and Performance (MAP) objectives and other goals. The program consists of 3 Star periods aligned with the first three quarters of the fiscal calendar. In the fourth quarter, results are tallied, and national winners are determined. Challenge yourself and your team to exceed expectations, and you may be among the winners!

    You can access your program instructions, find support, upload submissions and claim Stars right here on the Be-A-Star website – We’ve done our best to make it simple and to give you links to everything you’ll need.

    Here’s how to get started:

    • Read the Welcome and Stars 1, 2 and 3. Prepare a plan for completing all the requirements on time.
    • Introduce the Program to your team:
      1. Read your CEO’s or President’s Message aloud.
      2. Play the Program Kick-Off Video – ALL IN available from the home page of the Be-A-Star website.
      3. Share the support document “Mapping Our Way Forward” with your team - an overview of Compass Group’s Management & Performance Framework.
      4. Order Be-A-Star merchandise to build enthusiasm, or to keep on hand for individual recognition at a team meeting or event. Visit the MyCompassCatalog website at
      5. Print and hang each Star Poster to track your progress through each Star period.

    Welcome Resource Links: