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  • Compass in the Community

    Compass in the Community North Americ​a Awards
    (Optional Participation)

    Great Community ​​

    Due:  July 10, 2020   

    Description of Activity: 

    Giving back to the communities we serve is the right thing to do.  Compass Group is proud of the time, energy and financial resources our businesses and associates contribute to help build stronger, healthier communities.  The Compass in the Community North America Awards program recognizes those associates and accounts who best demonstrate this guiding principle.

    ​How to get credit:

    1)   Complete the Star Achievement's Compass in the Community form, adding a brief essay
    ​(maximum 500 words) description of the project should include:

    • Community initiative(s) and their goals and objectives
    • Level of support from operation/team associates
    • Outcome of the project's efforts with information about its effect on outreach recipients, as well as account associates, client(s), customers, and vendors (where applicable)
    • Any public acknowledgement received

    2)   The submission should be exhibited in presentation format.  This can be a scrapbook, electronic presentation (such as PowerPoint), or a video* (on CD/DVD or provide link address if posted on web). 
    *Note:  Videos can be no longer than 5 minutes in total length and not professionally produced.

    • Include documentation of planning, execution and results (pictures, meeting notes, volunteer sign-ups, diagrams and graphs, press releases, newspaper articles, pictures, flyers, thank you notes, etc.).
    How to Submit:  Send your form and submission to your Be-A-Star Contact by Friday, June 19, 2020 (suggested date to all for top selections).

    Due Date for Division Entries:   Each program (Canteen, Eurest, Chartwells Schools, Morrison, Corporate, etc.) may send up to three (3) submissions for CITC North America Awards consideration. 

    Number o​f Awards:   Five
    • One (1) Gold award:  $8,000 for charities and attendance at the Compass Night of Stars Recognition Celebration!
    • One (1) Silver award:  $6,000 for chosen charities
    • Three (3) Bronze awards:  $2,000 each for their respective charities
    Judging Criteria:  Winning submissions have the following criteria in common:
    • ​​Outreach appeared to be a "way of​ doing business"
    • Activities promoted sustainability for the recipient(s) and/or cause
    • Activities made a significant and assessable impact
    • Activities promoted team building and there was significant associate involvement
    • Collaboration with other Compass and/or non-Compass groups
    • Goals of the community activity were clearly defined and focused
    • ​​​​Activities were well-planned, executed and outcome(s) measured and presented
    • ​​The North America Awards judging committee consists of executive officers, managers and at least one representative from a non-profit partner organization.  (It is suggested that divisional judging groups have a similar make-up, though each program can decide how to choose their Awards submissions.)

    Award Date:  Site Contacts and Managers of winning submissions will be contacted by mid-August 2020.

    Compass in the Community North America Awards Resource Links: