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  • About Be-A-Star

    Be-A-Star is a sector specific business initiative program that recognizes associates and teams for achieving business excellence. It is a roadmap for the consistent implementation of key business initiatives. The mission of the Be-A-Star Program is to provide a consistent platform for each sector to communicate and accomplish the business objectives set forth during a fiscal year. It also recognizes associates and teams that deliver business excellence as a result of accomplishing these objectives. The vision of Compass Group’s Be-A-Star Program is to be the primary recognition tool, implemented throughout all sectors, for all associates that exceed business excellence by providing great results every day.

    How Did Be-A-Star Begin? 
    In 1997, a new initiative was implemented in the Eurest B&I sector to build a proper business foundation for growth and success. The program focused on individuals and teams while emphasizing simplicity and creativity for business basics. The focus was to create a receptive audience, which encompassed willing, happy associates. This Marketing-led program developed this strategic initiative and named it Eur-A-star. Cleverly using the Eurest name, the program drove the belief that “You’re a star”. 

    From the beginning, the program emphasized that Compass Group’s people are the key to success and that this program would be the roadmap for them to follow. Just one year later, other sectors recognized what a powerful tool this program was. As a result, the program name was revised to Be-A-Star. This allowed for penetration throughout the organization by creating a team spirit, using recognition as a strong motivator, and providing a business-based tool that influenced culture and behavior. “Business basics” means that our operations need to have clean, safe facilities and happy, service oriented associates – otherwise, marketing new products and services would be ineffective. Be-A-Star provided the platform for consistent implementation of these requirements and thus a springboard for the impressive growth of Compass Group’s business initiatives. 

    Recognition is most effective when it is permanent, tangible, and awarded in front of peers. Motivating associates and keeping them enthused throughout the program year was critical so a wide variety of recognition methods was established. These include:  Keep Smiling pins, Be-A-Star Bucks, Catalog gift prizes, plaques, and Customer Star Cards.​